4 week program, 6 days in China, constant learning, 24/7 expert support 



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Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing the way we live and work. Companies that do not incorporate AI in their business strategy today will no longer exist tomorrow. The companies that already understand how AI improves products, how AI helps to better understand customers, how it optimizes internal workflows, and enables completely new business models will be the winners of tomorrow.

So what are these four weeks going to do for you? We have built this Masterclass for all those who want to ensure their company will still exist tomorrow, and want to contribute to that goal. AI will play a major role in every aspect of our lives and work, and we want you to be one of the first to understand how AI can help you become a Future Leader.

  •  4 week program, 6 days in China, constant learning, 24/7 expert support
  •  China Workshop-Days in Shenzhen, Shanghai & Hong Kong
  •  Reflective Strategy Sessions with AI Startups
  •  AI powered video microlearning every day
  •  Virtual Executive briefings once a week
  •  AI Masterclass Certificate 

Uncover 3 major AI business strategies 

From Invention to Implementation From Mission driven to Market driven From Mobile First to AI First 

Internet AI Business AI Perception AI Autonomes AI

Unlock the 4 Waves of AI for your business

- Sample Schedule -


2pm - Arrival in Beijing

4.30pm - Check in Hotel

6pm: Welcome, Dinner & Keynote Speech presented by Christoph Burkhardt

"Don't be a Robot: Seven Survival Strategies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence"


9am - FACE++

The face as a universal key. Without face recognition almost nothing works in China anymore. The main platform is software that is only six years old.

1pm - DiDi

Started as a copy of UBER, DiDi is now the model for UBER. DiDi has managed to change from a pure driving service agent to a system for all kinds of services, such as car purchase, insurance, car repair or weather data. Driving service agent; company value: 56 billion US dollars. 

3pm - Innovation Workshop with Christoph Burkhardt 

  • How do data-driven business models emerge?
  • How do innovative corporate cultures emerge?
  • How do companies react to new technologies?


8am - Departure to Shanghai

11.30am - Check In Hotel

2pm - Tongdun

Tongdun Technology is a Chinese Fintech company specializing in risk control services. The company develops online software solutions for anti-theft and fraud management applications in the areas of finance, insurance, payments, online shopping and social networking. The company was founded in 2013.

4pm - Alibaba

Alibaba was founded by former English teacher Jack Ma in 1999 and operates the B2B platform of the same name Alibaba.com and the online auction house Taobao, among other things. According to the company, Alibaba is the largest IT company group in China.


8am - Departure to Shenzhen

11.30am - Check In Hotel

1pm - Lunch & Startup Pitches @ Bee+ Coworking

3pm - DJI

Largest drone manufacturer in the world. Today, drones are already changing entire industries. Insurance companies, farmers and retailers are already relying on drones.

5pm - Tencent

The company behind WeChat. WeChat was originally a chat service for smartphones, operated by Tencent in China, which has since been expanded to include numerous functions such as the mobile payment system WeChat Pay (comparable to Google Pay or Apple Pay).


9am - UB TECH

Humanoid robots that teach pupils and students artificial intelligence and other languages. And service robots that are used in car dealerships, retail stores or airports.

11am - Robosense

Leader in the field of LIDAR technology, which is needed in the field of autonomous driving.

2pm - HUAWEI

Founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, Huawei is a telecommunications supplier based in Shenzhen, a special economic zone in China, in the immediate vicinity of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Group has around 180,000 employees and is owned by them.

3pm - Dorabot

Autonomous robot loading and unloading trucks. Sort packages and fill shelves. We meet the German robot chief developer.


9am - Innovation Workshop with Christoph Burkhardt

  • What have we seen and learned in the last 5 days?
  • What can we do directly from home?
  • What do the next steps look like and how do we have to adapt our corporate strategy in order to remain competitive in the future?

11am - Ferry from Shenzhen to Hong Kong

1pm - Lunch

from 2pm - Individual sightseeing and departure

Your TinyBox Team - Leading AI and China Experts

Christoph Burkhardt, TinyBox Co-founder & CEO  

Founder of the Burkhardt Group LLC and TinyBox Inc in California. 3 times Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur. Born in Germany, MSc in London, San Francisco is home. Background in Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Futurism.

Christoph Burkhardt, Applied AI Innovation Advisor, Business Transformation Strategist, Speaker, and Author of "Don't Be a Robot. Seven Survival Strategies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" assists us to understand smart machines and how they will impact businesses, how we live and work. The German born cognitive psychologist and economist lives in California.

Steven Mc Auley, TinyBox Co-founder & AI Strategy Lead  

Business psychologist Steven Mc Auley is currently researching human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence and the future of work. He lectures in Dubai, Moscow, San Francisco and Hong Kong.  

As a member of the Association for the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi, he investigated why companies are currently failing in the use of machine learning. Steven expressed his desire to start his own business at a young age. He has founded two profitable companies and presented his research work to various institutions and companies such as Munich Re, Infineon, Süddeutsche Zeitung and SAP.

Isabel Sum, TinyBox China Relations Lead

Currently living in Shenzhen, China, home of tech-giants such as Tencent and DJI, Isabel is fully immersed in a thriving AI-environment which resembles a unique ecosystem of innovation and growth.

She is born and raised in Germany and through her Chinese roots, always had a deep connection to the culture and mindset of the Chinese people.

With her dual studies majoring in International Management for Business and Information Technology at IBM where she partly studied in San Diego, California, and worked in Cape Town, South Africa, Isabel has a very broad cultural understanding and deep experience of working with global teams. 

Our Podcast directly from Shenzhen

Charming China is a podcast created by Isabel Sum, a German entrepreneur who moved to China to build up her company and explore Chinas vast culture and possibilities.

This podcast will feature interesting guests, foreigners as well as Chinese, who share their experiences of working and living in China. It is meant to help debunk some of the myths around China and give useful tips about how to start a business and how to succeed in this quickly changing environment. 

It is a business podcast with cultural context and aims to build a cultural bridge between China and the West.

Listen to Podcast